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Barnes NB Almanack 1871: Gloucester County

Anna (Hennessy) Wesenberg and Eileen (O'Toole) Hennessy, at Tetagouche Falls, Bathurst, circa 1940.
In Memory of Annie Armstrong wife of James Dunn Born 1824 died 1903. Annie was the grandmother of Sir James Dunn. This gravestone is in the Old St. Luke's Scottish Cemetery in Bathurst, NB. August 2002.

Gloucester County

Judge of the County Court: - Hon. Edward WILLISTON, William END Esq., Clerk Terms: Third Tuesday in January, first Tuesday in April and second Tuesday in September.

Justices of the Peace: - Hon. John FERGUSON, Perry J. N. DUMARESQ, John DORAN, Francis FERGUSON, Samuel L. BISHOP, John CHALMERS, John WALSH, William TAYLOR, Joseph SEWELL, John MEAHAN, George SMITH, John E. O'BRIEN, Charles MEAHAN, James SMITH, Robert BROWN, Hon. Robert YOUNG, Robert NIXON, William DAVIDSON, James G. C. BLACKHALL, William END, Hilarion ACHE, Francis ALEXANDER, Alexander CAMPBELL, John FOLEY, Matthew PARROTT, Andrew DARCY, Samuel MILLER, Rufus C. COLE, Henry Augustine McCULLOUGH, John KERR, William FERGUSON, Patrick WHALAN, Robert YOUNG, Senior, John Louis LEGERE, Henry A. Sormonay KENNEDY, J. BURNS, John KERR, Richard SISK, Francis SCOTT, David HENNESSY, Mark DEVEREUX, Adam SUTHERLAND, Patrick J. FOLEY, Anthony RAINEY, James McGINLEY, Robert C. CAIE, Gustave DUMAS, James CRANNEY, Narcisse POLIER, Jonathan DORAN, Thomas HALL, Thomas BOUDREAU, Joseph L. BISHOP, John GALLAGHER, Alexander PETERIE, Samuel H. NAPIER, Thomas SEATON, Theotine BLANCHARD, Onesimus BLANCHARD, Perry J. COMMEAU and Jerome ROY, Esquires.

Surrogate: - Henry W. BALDWIN, Esquire

Registrar of Probate: - D. Gustavus MacLAUCHLAN, Esquire

Registrar of Deeds and Wills: - Henry W. BALDWIN, Esquire

Coroners: - John McKENNA, William W. GORDON, M.D., Joseph SEWELL, William FERGUSON and James CRANNEY, Esquires

Inspector of Schools: - Daniel MORRISON, Esquire

Master of the Grammar School: - George R. PARKIN, Esquire A. B.

Trustees and Directors of the Grammar School: - Samuel L. BISHOP, William END, Theophilus DesBRISAY, Hon. John FERGUSON, Rev. William LeBaron McKIEL and Rev. Frederick HOME.

Barristers, Attorneys and Notaries Public: - William END, Theophilus DesBRISAY, Esqs.

Commissioners for taking Bail and Affidavits in the Supreme Court: - John DORAN, Hon. Robert YOUNG, James G. C. BLACKHALL, Samuel L. BISHOP, John YOUNG, Esquires, and the Barristers and Attorneys practising in the County.

County Treasurer: - Henry W. BALDWIN, Esquire

Issuer of Marriage Licenses: - Samuel B. NAPIER, Esquire Henry W. BALDWIN (Bathurst) and John DORAN (Shippegan), Esqrs., Agents for Lloyds.

Gloucester Agricultural Society: - Samuel L. BISHOP, Esq., President; ...... ....... Esquire, Secretary.

Members of Board for the Management of Tracadie Lazaretto: - Rev. Ferdinand GAUVREAU, William FERGUSON, and John YOUNG, Esqs.

Auctioneers: - Francis ALEXANDER, Wm. TAYLOR, Hon. Robert YOUNG, Henry W. BALDWIN, Benjamin W. WELDON, and John KERR, Esquires.

Terms of the General Sessions: - First Tuesday in January and the First Tuesday in July.

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